Fill out the form below to submit your referral for a friend, former colleague or family member who you believe has the right skills to join our team as a technical, engineering or IT professional. If the person you refer is hired, you will be eligible for a bonus payment of up to $1,000, depending on the assignment and the candidate’s qualifications.

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Note: Once you submit this referral form, you should receive an email within 24 hours verifying the receipt of the referral. If you do not receive an email, please confirm it is not in your junk mailbox and then contact


Employee Eligibility
All active CDI employees (technical and internal staff) are eligible for a referral bonus.

Exceptions are: Any staff employees on a bonus/commission plan! CDI Managers, CDI Delivery Managers, GETS Hiring Managers (Tech Leads, Department Leads, etc.), Human Resources or any of their relatives.

Non Employee Eligibility
All Non-CDI employees over 18 are eligible for a referral bonus.

Exceptions are: Individuals working for a recruiting organization, Managers of CDI customers, Relatives of CDI employees on a bonus/commission plan, or relatives of CDI Managers.

Note: Community members will be required to submit a completed Form W-9 prior to a bonus payment being processed.

Referral Bonus Payment
A referral becomes eligible for bonus payment after the referred candidate has worked 90 continuous days at CDI.

Payment Expectations:

• If the payee is an active CDI employee they can expect payment of the referral bonus via the payroll system approximately 30 days after the 90 day criteria has been met.

• If the payee is a Community Member they can expect payment of the referral bonus via a paper check approximately 30 days after CDI receives a completed W9 tax form.

All Payments made under this plan are taxable income.

General Rules
You must submit the referral form on this page to be eligible

• Bonus will not be paid, if a referral form is not completed and submitted at the time of referral.

• Referrals are valid for twelve months after the referral is received by CDI.

• If a referred candidate currently exists in the CDI Recruiting
database, and there has been no communication or documentation of an interactive exchange with the candidate and CDI within a 12 month period, the new referral would be valid and eligible for a referral bonus.

• If a referred candidate is a past CDI employee, they have to be off active assignment for 3 years for a new referral to be accepted and eligible for a bonus payment.

• Eligible Employees and Community Members will receive a bonus based on the referred candidate’s skill classification.

• Self referrals are not eligible.

• Referrals hired as CDI staff are not eligible.

• Community Members are eligible for a referral bonus up to 6 months after CDI sends the request for a W9 tax form, after 6 months the bonus will be considered invalid.

This Referral Bonus Program policy supersedes any prior CDI Referral Bonus Program. CDI Management reserves the right to modify and/or terminate this program at any time.